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When you initially start the game, you are forced to click the properties you own to generate revenue. With the purchase of a CEO, this process becomes automatic. That is, the CEO will operate the property - that is, the CEO will click the property for you. However, the CEO isn't perfect, and as such has some idle time between ticks. The delay between clicks depends on the level of the CEO.

On the Game Help page in the CEO paragraph it says the following: however the CEO will never be perfect, so you can still manually click on properties to make them run faster, This is true, however on certain levels you won't notice it anymore because of the speed increases you will gain through achievements.


The formula used for the CEO idle time is Investment-Time / CEO level. Lets say a Gas royalties without achievements for speed increase takes 2 seconds to complete. If your CEO is level 1 this means the property will run, then it waits 2 seconds and it will run again.

A few examples for the first 10 levels of the CEO.
In the examples the investments have no speedbonus.

Investment CEO Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Gas Royalties 2s 1s 666ms 500ms 400ms 333ms 285ms 250ms 222ms 200ms
Oil Royalties 4s 2s 1.33s 1s 800ms 666ms 571ms 500ms 444ms 400ms
Gas Well 10s 5s 3.33s 2.5s 2s 1.66s 1.43s 1.25s 1.11s 1s
Oil Well 20s 10s 6.66s 5s 4s 3.33s 2.86s 2.5s 2.22s 2s
Oil Sands 50s 25s 16.66s 12.5s 10s 8.33s 7.14s 6.25s 5.55s 5s
Shale Play 2.5m 75s 50s 37.5s 30s 25s 21.43s 18.75s 16.66s 15s
Omani Field 10m 5m 3.33m 2.5m 2m 100s 85.71s 75s 66.6s 1m
Saudi Field 40m 20m 13.33m 10m 8m 6.66m 5.7m 5m 4.44m 4m

The idle time is based on the investment time after speedbonusses and not base time.
While I was writing this I wasn't sure but finding out that a level 16 Saudi Field CEO should have an idle time of 2.5 minutes I can say for sure that my CEO isn't idle that long.