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Started one week ago, currently on 1.5KYYY per sec including consultant, getting to the next stage is proving difficult! Need 100MYYY for last technology!

at this point i had hopped over to unlimited mode. started earning exp at a decent rate again. also consultant is only worth it for Saudi Fields.

Depending on play-style you may or may not get that last technology before completing classic mode. I don't recommend jumping to unlimited mode early. You may need to rely on some underappreciated specialists to get over this hump, but don't worry once completed unlimited mode speeds the game back up. - Moldy Games


My experience is 100 play and I like playing the game e

My experience is 100 play u will get there

100 pyyy lol Now iam kyyyy experience

/* experience */

Zyyyyy and only getting stronger

Handset change.

Hi guys,How so i transfer my game from one phone to another?I did copy the "link" provided on my precious phone and send it via bluetooth to my new handset,but it does not recognise the copied part if i paste it in the restore section.

The game save has almost assuredly been cut off somewhere along the way. It may be easiest to email it to yourself and then be sure to use select all to get the all the data. It should end with an =. If you have further issues email us at admin at moldygames dot com.

Cash payments

Buy putting out 3,047 oil well fires in 3 1/2 years operas quattiee freed. That's $57,000,000.00 per fire put out. As a IC copeny owner -36,000.00 for a rust about per year. It's were one gets into to the Arab Co oil comeny. It's Were one dose a sharp repossession from the 5 rockafler & rorchilds. It's 48% interest. It were the bankers blow Off the % percent of the oil compeny. It put Vaughn Nebeker in to his second reterment.