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Welcome to Idle Oil Tycoon, this page contains basic instructions for the game.

Always On

Don't feel like you need to keep the game open, once your CEOs are in place (see below) they will keep earning cash when the game is closed.

Help With Numbers

What do these letters mean in my numbers?

Number Suffixes

Settings Menu

To access the settings menu, click the menu button if your phone has one, or click the three small boxes in the menu bar. Then select "Settings."

The "Scientific Notation" setting toggles between SI Unit Prefixes and scientific notation.

The "Update Frequency" setting changes the game's update rate. A higher setting will improve the smoothness of the progress bars, while a lower setting will help with stability issues or choppy game play.

The "Achievement Popup" setting allows you to turn off the small text alert for new achievements. This can be useful at high levels when you may earn dozens of achievements in quick succession after retiring.

The "Reduce Flicker" setting allows you to stop the fastest progress bars. And progress bar that completes ~3 times per second or faster will be pinned at 100% if this setting is turned on.


To play, first buy some Gas Royalties by clicking on the Level 0 button; then click on the Gas Royalties to earn money. Your current money is displayed near the top of the screen.

Once you have enough money, you can increase the level of your Gas Royalties, or buy new properties like the Oil Royalties. Continue clicking on the property to bring in more money!

If you have a lot of money to spend, you may want to toggle buy 10x on at the bottom of the screen. This button allows you to buy ten levels at once.


Your CEOs will run the properties for you, even when the game is closed. Click the button to raise a CEO's level.

The higher the level a CEO is, the less idle time a property will have between runs, however the CEO will never be perfect, so you can still manually click on properties to make them run faster.


Next, look into the technology tab. Here you will find upgrades that let you multiply the earnings from one or all properties, just click the button to buy. It is up to you to determine when a technology upgrade is a better choice than leveling further.

You can toggle between viewing new or purchased technologies with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


At certain milestone levels, your properties will automatically earn achievements to help you gain money. You can toggle between acquired and available achievements using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


The stats tab will show information about your money earning rates for each property, as well as overall.


The specialists tab has two new employees available later in the game. The first is the Investment Advisor. After buying at least one level, click on the dropdown menu. This brings up a list of properties, after selecting a property the Investment Advisor will slowly buy levels of that property. More information.

The second specialist is the Consultant. Just like with the Investment Advisor, after buying at least one level, click on the dropdown menu. This list will not show any properties that have been used in the last eight hours. The Consultant will increase the money generation of a single property for one hour. More information.


Finally, if you feel like your clicking rate has slowed down too much, you can retire. This will reset the game as you hand your experience down to your protégé. On subsequent playthroughs, the properties will produce more money at equivalent levels, and more money means more experience to start all over again!


At the bottom of this page, there is a backup and restore option.


When backing up, there are two options, copy to clipboard or save. The save option creates a backup on your device storage, then if anything goes wrong with the game's main save, you can switch to this backup using the restore option. The downside to this option is that it will be removed if the game is removed, and if something catastrophic happens to your game install, this backup may be deleted as well.

The copy to clipboard option will allow you to transfer your game elsewhere for safe keeping. This will also allow you to transfer the game to a different device. Be very careful not to cut off any characters from this save file, or else the save will not work.


The restore page will automatically pull the save file from storage if there is one available. You may paste an externally copied save over this to pull in a copied to clipboard game. The game should detect a bad save before loading it, but please be careful to paste the entire data set.