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What do the letters mean in my numbers?

They're si unit prefixes: Number Suffixes

Why are the buildings so random cost efficient? My Oil Sands costs more than 50x Saudi Field :(

The rate of increase is variable because different investments have different economies of scale. For the early part of the game, the initial cost of a property is the most important, but later the multiplier becomes most important. The multipliers are listed here: Level Cost Increases

Will there be a Buy 100x option? After the new update i Retire every hour and it's kinda annoying if i have to click up to 800 with 10x on every building

We weren't planning on it, but this has been requested several times, so we may add one in the future.

I think formula for calculation multiplier from experience is wrong because if i have 10 experience i still end with mltiplier 127,089412... So how to calculate multiplier?