Level Cost Increases

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The cost increase of the next level is not the same for every investment. From the beginning of the game, generally speaking each of the properties is a reasonable investment, however since the increase is linear and cost is exponential, some become a better value per dollar later in the game.

{Table in progress - Will be complete within 2 hours of posting}

Investment Base Level Cost Property Level Cost Increase
Gas Royalties $5 2.0x 8%
Oil Royalties $70 1.25x 8%
Gas Well $450 2.0x 11%
Oil Well $21,000 2.0x 9%
Oil Sands $160,000 TBD 10%
Shale Play $2.2 million TBD 8%
Omani Field $19.4 million TBD 8%
Saudi Field $620 million TBD 7%


  • From an in game perspective, not all investments are equal, and some investments are downright bad.
  • If all the properties had the same price multiplier, then at all times you'd know exactly what to do.
    • Get all properties to 1000
    • Get all properties to 1100
    • etc.
  • With the imbalanced level costs, you have to think about whether getting the next achievement in one of your good properties or saving up to get the Gas Wells to the next level and helping all properties is a better deal.
  • This makes the completion of "Classic Mode" at 1800 Gas Wells feel more rewarding.
  • Near the end of "Classic Mode" it really lets some underused specialists shine.