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Welcome to the Moldy Games Idle Oil Tycoon Wiki!  Help us improve the wiki by adding your own contributions.
== What is Idle Oil Tycoon? ==
In this incremental or idle game, you can build your oil empire as you see fit.
Increase your [[Properties|investments]], invest in new technologies, even [[Retirement|retire]] and pass on your knowledge to your protégé.
At higher levels, don't miss the [[Investment Advisor]] who slowly buys property levels for you, and the [[Consultant]] who will give the income from one property a massive boost for a short time.
* Designed for tablets and phones.
* Fun and simple.
* Great for when you only have a few minutes to play.
* Over 200 upgrades and [[Achievements]] means you always have something to look forward to.
== Getting Started ==
*[[Game Help]] - A set of basic instructions for the game.
*[[Help Me]] - Ask questions here, or if you're an expert answer a question!
*[[:Category:Game_Mechanics|Game Mechanics]] - Some formulas and game mechanics here.
== Other language(s) ==
Version Française - [[Sommaire]]
<span style="color: red">La version Française est en cours de rédaction, merci de votre compréhension.</span>
<span style="color: red">The french version of this wiki is a work in progress.</span>
== Links ==
[http://www.moldygames.com/ Moldy games]
[https://twitter.com/MoldyGames @MoldyGames on Twitter]
[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moldygames.oiltycoon Get Idle Oil Tycoon on Google Play]

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