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I don't get experience still Yeah really somebody please explain

Once your experience has gone up to at least 5, then it is time to retire. Retiring will reset all levels to 0, but instead of making $2 at level one Gas Royalties, you will make $4. -moldygames


Anyone know if the multipliers continue to grow when you retire with the next experience level (beyond z)?

They will keep growing indefinitely. -moldygames


Why sometimes when you are about more that 5x the exp it doesn't double your stuff or do anything? Is it a bug or coding problems it happens alot specially if I am at the TYYY or PYYY range

I do not believe this is possible, but perhaps there is a bug we have not seen. Please send a screenshot of the Retirement Tab (and the properties tab if your device is too small to show the two pane layout) with just one level of Gas Royalties bought. We can check that the experience is properly applied. -Moldy Games

Where can I email the screenshots?


My caluclator sucks, what is the multiplier for 1y experience