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Constructive Criticism/Open Discussion:

(Preface-I obviously enjoy the game or I wouldn't be here, so with that out of the way please remember this is meant to be a mature discussion.)

And now with that out of the way (phew); I wanted to see how many recurring, part time, casual, or pure troll contributors we have on this wiki.

Depending on the roster size I figured we could work together to get the more complex game mechanics fleshed out and added.

Over all the game is simplistic enough at first glance that the early "core" mechanics aren't topics that require more focus than mid to late game info such as mathematical formulas, basic OR detailed guide(s?) or even just a few strategies to demonstrate the games potential going forward.

There are a couple statistic/formulas already present on the wiki, but a higher detailed, more visible game breakdown could increase the potential for the games/community future growth.

With that being said, short of direct info. from the developer's, the work behind getting these formulas etc. is large enough to make me weary of going at it alone. (Not to mention my math skills have become more than rusty. (Hate getting older!) Which in turn makes MY projected completion speed decrease.

This is why I believe beginning an open discussion for the wiki's more complex features has the potential to keep more people interested beyond the first ten minutes of playing the game. With collaboration, the games potential can be realized sooner for any first time players as well as give this wiki a jump start if the devs continue to update and improve the game.

Plus it's just fun for some weirdos like me who enjoy tinkering with and discovering how these kinds of games operate behind the scenes.

Moldy Games Response

We were hoping to have some more interest like this in the wiki, but it has not come to pass. Some excellent work has been done to translate, but other than that most posts have been one time things. You may find a more receptive audience at the Reddit forum about the game ( Definitely post anything you come up with there on the wiki as well though! While we don't plan on revealing all the formulas ourselves, we do look over additions and make sure they're on the right track, so feel free to post assumptions (any bad info will be politely removed or questioned and we may fix minor errors if you get the gist of something).

A place for a suggestion?

So the SI units don't bother me, and I think they serve to raise the intelligence of the user if only a little. But it does make the initial learning of the game a bit daunting. When first viewing the techs, achievements, and specialists I was trying to get an idea of the sense of scale so I could make the right choices and plan, but Billion with a G threw me.

Might I suggest using the bottom left real estate of the game screen to display a static table of units? This can be seen most clearly in portrait mode. But a more compact version would still fit in landscape mode I think. This may be true only on my tablet, and I also considered you may be saving that space for more properties, but it appears the game scales well in other ways.

One more suggestion, just to add some "drive" to reach higher tiers to undecided new users, you could cloak some of the higher achievements until a certain threshold is reached. That way they know its up there, but are encouraged to work on short term goals.

Great game BTW!