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experience is 100 y reply with ur experience

Write here Can anyone invest in gas royalties in real life

Investment Advisor

I purchased this and set it to my Oil Fields but it doesn't seem to be working. Am I missing something?

Moldy Games Reply - There will be no immediate effect. When the bar fills all the way up the level of your Gas Wells will increase by one. Are you seeing something different?

i have a problem with investment advisor as well. it is level 10 i think (next upgrade is 1.0 gy I think) i upgraded it thinking it was going to make it better, but it hasnt. I have had it for like one week, ive had it on saudi fields for like 1 week and it still has not moved one bit since i bought it, it does literally nothing. Kinda sucks, because it costed me a decent chunk of change. The other specialists work for me, but for investment advisor, is it some weird bug or is it really slow?

I can't duplicate this, but we've had one or two other reports of similar issues. If you move the investment advisor to something else and then back to Saudi Fields it should start working. I apologize for the inconvenience, and we are working to fix this issue. -moldygames

Disagreeing with Investment times tables in this wiki

I think that there are some errors with the investment times tables.

For example: in one recourse the table says that it will only takes 5 seconds between levels 200-299, but, in my game it takes 10 seconds between levels 200 and 299.

Those are player posted, but I believe them to be correct. The times posted there are completion times not counting the CEO delays. -moldygames

Future updates?

Nearly got all achievements. Just wondering if the game is going to be updated soon?