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!Level!!Gasbruhlties!!Oil Royalties!!Gas Well!!Oil Well!!Oil Sands!!Shale Play!!Omani Field!!Saudi Field!!All Properties
!Level!!Gas Royalties!!Oil Royalties!!Gas Well!!Oil Well!!Oil Sands!!Shale Play!!Omani Field!!Saudi Field!!All Properties

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The table below shows the costs for the various technologies at each level. This data was collected in unlimited mode, standard mode costs and availability might differ.

The magic number is 19683. For each technology, multiply the current level's cost by this magic number to get the cost for the next level.

Level Gas Royalties Oil Royalties Gas Well Oil Well Oil Sands Shale Play Omani Field Saudi Field All Properties
1 7.500E+04 2.250E+05 6.750E+05 2.025E+06 6.075E+06 1.823E+07 5.468E+07 1.640E+08 4.921E+08
2 1.476E+09 4.429E+09 1.329E+10 3.986E+10 1.196E+11 3.587E+11 1.076E+12 3.229E+12 9.686E+12
3 2.906E+13 8.717E+13 2.615E+14 7.845E+14 2.354E+15 7.061E+15 2.118E+16 6.355E+16 1.906E+17
4 5.719E+17 1.716E+18 5.147E+18 1.544E+19 4.633E+19 1.390E+20 4.169E+20 1.251E+21 3.752E+21
5 1.126E+22 3.377E+22 1.013E+23 3.039E+23 9.118E+23 2.735E+24 8.206E+24 2.462E+25 7.386E+25
6 2.216E+26 6.647E+26 1.994E+27 5.982E+27 1.795E+28 5.384E+28 1.615E+29 4.846E+29 1.454E+30
7 4.361E+30 1.308E+31 3.925E+31 1.178E+32 3.533E+32 1.060E+33 3.179E+33 9.538E+33 2.861E+34
8 8.584E+34 2.575E+35 7.726E+35 2.318E+36 6.953E+36 2.086E+37 6.258E+37 1.877E+38 5.632E+38
9 1.690E+39 5.069E+39 1.521E+40 4.562E+40 1.369E+41 4.106E+41 1.232E+42 3.695E+42 1.109E+43
10 3.326E+43 9.977E+43 2.993E+44 8.979E+44 2.694E+45 8.081E+45 2.424E+46 7.273E+46 2.182E+47
11 6.546E+47 1.964E+48 5.891E+48 1.767E+49 5.302E+49 1.591E+50 4.772E+50 1.432E+51 4.295E+51
12 1.288E+52 3.865E+52 1.160E+53 3.479E+53 1.044E+54 3.131E+54 9.393E+54 2.818E+55 8.453E+55
13 2.536E+56 7.608E+56 2.282E+57 6.847E+57 2.054E+58 6.163E+58 1.849E+59 5.546E+59 1.664E+60
14 4.992E+60 1.498E+61 4.493E+61 1.348E+62 4.043E+62 1.213E+63 3.639E+63 1.092E+64 3.275E+64
15 9.825E+64 2.948E+65 8.843E+65 2.653E+66 7.958E+66 2.388E+67 7.163E+67 2.149E+68 6.446E+68
16 1.934E+69 5.802E+69 1.740E+70 5.221E+70 1.566E+71 4.699E+71 1.410E+72 4.229E+72 1.269E+73
17 3.806E+73 1.142E+74 3.426E+74 1.028E+75 3.083E+75 9.250E+75 2.775E+76 8.325E+76 2.497E+77
18 7.492E+77 2.248E+78 6.743E+78 2.023E+79 6.069E+79 1.821E+80 5.462E+80 1.639E+81 4.916E+81
19 1.475E+82 4.424E+82 1.327E+83 3.982E+83 1.195E+84 3.584E+84 1.075E+85 3.225E+85 9.676E+85
20 2.903E+86 8.708E+86 2.612E+87 7.837E+87 2.351E+88 7.053E+88 2.116E+89 6.348E+89 1.904E+90
21 5.713E+90 1.714E+91 5.142E+91 1.543E+92 4.628E+92 1.388E+93 4.165E+93 1.249E+94 3.748E+94
22 1.125E+95 3.374E+95 1.012E+96 3.036E+96 9.109E+96 2.733E+97 8.198E+97 2.459E+98 7.378E+98
23 2.213E+99 6.640E+99 1.992E+100 5.976E+100 1.793E+101 5.379E+101 1.614E+102 4.841E+102 1.452E+103
24 4.357E+103 1.307E+104 3.921E+104 1.176E+105 3.529E+105 1.059E+106 3.176E+106 9.528E+106 2.858E+107
25 8.575E+107 2.573E+108 7.718E+108 2.315E+109 6.946E+109 2.084E+110 6.251E+110 1.875E+111 5.626E+111
26 1.688E+112 5.064E+112 1.519E+113 4.557E+113 1.367E+114 4.102E+114 1.230E+115 3.691E+115 1.107E+116
27 3.322E+116 9.967E+116 2.990E+117 8.970E+117 2.691E+118 8.073E+118 2.422E+119 7.266E+119 2.180E+120
28 6.539E+120 1.962E+121 5.885E+121 1.766E+122 5.297E+122 1.589E+123 4.767E+123 1.430E+124 4.290E+124
29 1.287E+125 3.861E+125 1.158E+126 3.475E+126 1.043E+127 3.128E+127 9.383E+127 2.815E+128 8.445E+128
30 2.533E+129 7.600E+129 2.280E+130 6.840E+130 2.052E+131 6.156E+131 1.847E+132 5.541E+132 1.662E+133
31 4.987E+133 1.496E+134 4.488E+134 1.346E+135 4.039E+135 1.212E+136 3.635E+136 1.091E+137 3.272E+137
32 9.815E+137 2.945E+138 8.834E+138 2.650E+139 7.950E+139 2.385E+140 7.155E+140 2.147E+141 6.440E+141
33 1.932E+142 5.796E+142 1.739E+143 5.216E+143 1.565E+144 4.694E+144 1.408E+145 4.225E+145 1.268E+146
34 3.803E+146 1.141E+147 3.422E+147 1.027E+148 3.080E+148 9.240E+148 2.772E+149 8.316E+149 2.495E+150