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Hi Ludo, did you not get my email back to you? I replied. I would love to have you create a French version. I think you should have the ability to create pages (I logged out, and still was able to create a page). If you cannot, please send me a list of titles and I will create those pages.

Ho really sorry, i have checked again, but wasn't under my adress, so i got it. My worries was about protecting my page... i have searched throught wiki help but i havn't found it. Thanks a lot!!

Sure, When you're done with the Main Page and Game Help I can protect those two for you. I will also set up a group so that you can have some admin type rights. - MGW

You can edit protected pages now and protect the French Main and Help page, please do be careful on the main and help pages! Also, good idea on the Main Page update, I added it (except the email link, I don't have any bot recognition on the wiki, and I don't want spam from it, the link will have to stay on the moldygames home page). - MGW